About Us

Inspiration from craft; influences from the history of design with a favorite spot for Art Deco and Art Nouveau; new interpretation of classic shapes; and a combination of materials to create depth, richness, and presence, are the heart of Shuna, an independent hand-made jewelry brand founded and creatively directed by Shuna Goman.
In 2008, after graduating the Department of Jewelry and Fashion at the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Shuna opened her first studio in Tel Aviv. There she designed and created collections in her unique signature style and incorporated Silver and Enamel, affordable materials that suited the desires of her young clientele.
As her experience and confidence as a designer grew, Shuna began to explore gold and precious stones. Designs became more mature and sophisticated, and bridal jewelry and engagement rings, events that Shuna’s followers began to celebrate, were added as permanent collections. Every collection is inspired by different shapes and traditional craftsmanship, and every piece is hand-made in the studio, with preciseness and attention to the smallest details.
Today, Shuna is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, on the lovely Masaryk Square, surrounded by independent designers, small shops, and neighborhood cafes. The spacious studio, designed by Yasha Gomen, Shuna's life partner and owner of an architectural firm specializing in Israeli urban design, is an inviting space that welcomes women (and men that are shopping for them!) to take their time, share their stories, and fall in love and go home with a special piece of jewelry.