Warranty & repairs

Shuna Design Studio Ltd. manufactures high-quality luxury jewelry.
Our manufacturing and design processes are done to the highest standards.
All jewelry are made using precious metals, diamonds and gems.
Warranty on our jewelry is for a period of one year from date of purchase.
Warranty for jewelry priced at NIS 8,000 and above is for a period of three years from date of purchase.
If you encounter any problem with the jewelry purchased, please contact us by email studio@shunastudio.com or by phone 03-6025051 We are here to assist you!
Our warranty covers manufacturing defects only, and is valid under the following
1. The jewelry has been kept at reasonable and responsible conditions.
2. The jewelry was not in contact with acids or substances such as bleach, chlorine or other cleaning agents.
3. No repairs or amendments were done to the jewelry by anyone other than Shuna Design Studio Ltd.
4. Warranty does not cover breakage, tear or damage which occurred due to
unreasonable use or poor handling of jewelry.
5. Warranty does not cover malicious damage, or damage caused by an accident.
6. Warranty does not cover natural wear and tear, such as stretching of a flexible piece of jewelry or warping of a ring. To remove any doubt, ring warping is not defined as a manufacturing defect and is therefore not covered by warranty.
7. Warranty does not cover loss or theft of jewelry, or parts of it

Jewelry under warranty will be repaired or renewed, we do not offer a replacement or refund.
Paid repair services are offered for all jewelry purchased at the store, also after
expiration of warranty.
Cost of repair will be determined according to the nature of damage and the repair
required, and will be approved by client, prior to start of work.
Cleaning and polishing of jewelry purchased at the store, including diamonds and
precious gems, will be provided by the studio, free of charge and for a lifetime.

Use & care: 
We believe that jewelry is meant to be worn all the time and most of our jewelry requires minimal care - just wear and enjoy them. That said, we recommend that you keep your jewelry away from pool or sea water and avoid its contact with chemical substances as detailed above. It is recommended to take off your jewelry before sports and other intense activities.
Silver jewelry may tarnish over time, so try to avoid its contact with water, especially salt water, or with any other substance that can cause staining or color change.
Additional tips:
It is best to store jewelry in a jewelry box or small opaque bag.
Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom as humidity may accelerate an oxidation
It is recommended to avoid jewelry’s contact with perfume, lotion, cleaning substances and other liquids and gels.
Diamonds, even of high-quality as we use in our jewelry, tend to attract grease and dust. Use soap and water to clean them.